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College fundSunrise Student Loan Services provides a service that helps people with Federal student loans to easily consolidate them into more affordable payments with renewed benefits. The US Department of Education has created a consolidation program that converts multiple Federal student loans into a single consolidated Federal student loan. This new loan usually has a more affordable monthly payment and reinstates those with delinquent or defaulted loans to good standing. Also, the borrower may return to school and get new Federal loans for advanced studies. These lowered payments are achieved through a longer payment term. The difficulty for the borrower is the application completion and the follow up during and after the consolidation process. The application process is cumbersome and requires diligence on the part of the applicant both before and after the consolidation. When a borrower contracts with Sunrise Student Loan Services, we handle all of the cumbersome details of the application and follow up with the US Department of Education and the contracted servicer to insure the correct payment plan, forbearance, and deferment options are in place. Most individuals simply do not have the time or knowledge to go through the process alone. All of our customers contact us for the help they need. Contact us using the form on the right to begin the process today!